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On the 18th January 1977, the Granville Train Disaster became a part of international history.  I have sat down not just to write, but to research and collate data/stories for this book, knowing many years have passed, and many tears have fallen, just like the eighty-three roses thrown from the bridge each year. The team effort of rescuers and passengers was one of outstanding courage.

Many stories have been told privately over the years, but what has not been made public is the way the government of the day and even the public abandoned all those who suffered the aftermath of the disaster.  So, to them I dedicate this book.

Disasters are happening all throughout the world and especially here in Australia. The suffering of those involved will continue for years, but the difference here is, ‘this was a preventable disaster.'  During the inquiries of the Granville Train Disaster, it was just treated as an ‘ACCIDENT.'  Yes! A preventable accident with findings that were well-documented pre the alleged accident and which could have been attended to.  Therefore, preventing the loss of 83+ innocent lives and the suffering and pain experienced by more than 200 injured, not to mention the suffering of all those connected to those injured.
Barry has made personal sacrifices to expose the truth of the real cause of the Granville Disaster
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